• The Health Foundation will be exhibiting at NHS ConfedExpo on 15-16 June 2022 (stand E106), and presenting our latest analysis across various sessions.
  • The event aims to create a single point of focus for health and care leaders and their teams to come together at a time of transformation and recovery. It will foster networking, spread learning and encourage innovation.

The Health Foundation will be exhibiting at NHS ConfedExpo on 15-16 June 2022. Come along to the Health Foundation (stand E106) to say hello, pick up some publications and look at our recent work on a giant iPad. 

The Health Foundation has four speaking sessions, they are:

Where next for NHS pay?

Wednesday 15 June, 15.15 in Theatre 3 - 3A

  • Prof James Buchan, Senior Visiting Fellow, the Health Foundation
  • Sara Gorton, Head of Health, UNISON
  • Dr Habib Naqvi MBE, Director, NHS Race and Health Observatory
  • Tricia Pereira, Director of Operations, Skills for Care

This session, hosted by the Health Foundation, will explore the impact of the current pay determination system for NHS and social care staff.

Hear from Professor James Buchan, Senior Fellow from the Health Foundation’s REAL Centre, who will share insights from new analysis which will put into context how funding constraints, inflation and the cost of living crisis may impact NHS pay, and its implications for the stability of the future workforce.

We will follow that with an interactive session, supported by other expert speakers, holding an active discussion to explore the implications of this for recruitment and retention approaches across the health and care sector, and the role of pay as part of future workforce strategies.

Data analysis

Where next for NHS nurses' pay?

14 June 2022
Data analysis

This analysis looks at the impact of high inflation and other factors affecting nurse pay, and...

REAL Centre

Sustainable general practice: models for the future?

Wednesday 15 June, 15.30 in Primary Care Learning Theatre

  • Rebecca Fisher, Senior Policy Fellow, the Health Foundation
  • Mark Spencer, GP Partner - Mount View Practice, Fleetwood
  • Mike Holmes, GP Partner Haxby Group and Chair, Nimbus Care - Nimbuscare
  • Mona Sidhu, GP & Primary Care Transformation Clinical Lead Executive - BCWB CCG
  • Sian Knight, Executive Partner - Modality Partnership

With different organisational models operating within general practice, GPs working within them will outline their advantages and disadvantages. Rebecca Fisher leads the Health Foundation's policy work on primary care and general practice, as well as working two days a week as a GP in an area of urban high deprivation.


Tackling the inverse care law

January 2022

Without deliberate policy action, inequities in the availability of high-quality general practice in...

How do we fund this decade’s pressing health challenges?

Thursday 16 June, 09.30 in PUU5 - 11C

  • Anita Charlesworth, Director of Research and REAL Centre, the Health Foundation
  • Millie Banerjee CBE, Chair, South West London ICS
  • Priya Singh, Chair-Designate, Frimley ICB
  • Richard Murray, Chief Executive, The King's Fund

This session will explore what role finance plays in meeting this decade’s most pressing health concerns, as health spending continues to grow faster than the rest of the economy, and as the causes and solutions to health problems become more diverse and complicated. Chaired by the Health Foundation’s Anita Charlesworth, a panel of experts will explore how innovative investment across the health and care sector can help drive better patient outcomes and a more productive service.


Health and social care funding projections 2021

October 2021

The REAL Centre sets out projections of the funding the NHS and social care system in England may...

REAL Centre

Beyond hospitals: how do we truly transform health care?

Thursday 16 June, 14.30 in The Auditorium (main stage)

  • Jennifer Dixon CBE, Chief Executive, the Health Foundation
  • Matthew Winn, Director Community Health - NHS England and NHS Improvement - NHS England and NHS Improvement
  • Dan Harman, Consultant Community Geriatrician - City Health Care Partnership CIC
  • Juliet Bouverie - Richmond Group of Charities
  • Stephen Powis, National Medical Director - NHS England/Improvement

This is a forward-looking session taking a long-term view on trends and likely developments in society, the economy, and health and care. This chaired panel discussion will look at some of the long-term trends that will impact the NHS and how we might want to prepare, using three key discussion areas:

  • Looking back to look forward: what shifts in the demographics and attitudes of the people the NHS serves that means it may be time to adapt its population profile?
  • Interaction between the person and the service: how is the relationship between the health and care system and populations developing? How have expectations and interactions changed over time and what does this mean for future of care?
  • Practical opportunities and solutions: based on the shifts discussed, what are the opportunities and benefits of greater integration and moving service access closer to home that meet the new population profile and how they interact with health care?


Webinar: Speeding up NHS service transformation – how can we do better?

23 March 2022, 11.30

In this webinar we were joined by Dr Tim Ferris, NHS England’s Director of Transformation, to...

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CQC discussion: systems, integrated care systems, and regulation

Thu 16 June at 2.30pm in PUU6 – 13

  • Hugh Alderwick, Director of Policy, the Health Foundation
  • Chris Day, Director of Engagement, CQC

This session will focus on integrated care systems (ICSs), CQC's new role in regulatory oversight, and the priorities for ICSs and how they will deliver for people who use services.

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NHS Scotland event 2022


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