Q are a community of thousands of people across the UK and Ireland, collaborating to improve the safety and quality of health and care.

With members at the heart of Q, the community thrives on its diverse range of skills, knowledge and perspectives. Q collectively boost the resilience, capacity and impact of the community when it’s needed most. Inspiring and supporting each other every day, Q finds new and inclusive ways for everyone to progress.

Q equips people to bring about change across the sector. By combining their energy and actions, they multiply their power to create more effective, equitable and sustainable health and care.

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Adriana Thursby-Pelham

Adriana is Q's Events Manager. 

Jen Morgan

Jen will be with Q for a year until February 2022 as the Head of Design and Collaboration maternity cover for Libby Keck.

Faye Goldman

Faye joined in January 2020 as Head of Communications for Q.  

Jo Scott

Jo joined the Health Foundation in November 2018 as Q Insight Manager.

Betty-Sue Smith

Betty joined in January 2017 as Communications and Marketing Manager for Q.  

Beth Banfield

Beth Banfield joined the Health Foundation in May 2018 and is one of the coordinators for Q. 

Jessica Shivji

Jessica Shivji joined the Health Foundation in April 2018 and is the Q Marketing and Communications Manager.

Matthew Mezey

Matthew Mezey joined the Health Foundation in January 2016 as Community Relationship Manager for the Q community.

Libby Keck

Libby Keck joined the Health Foundation in September 2014 as Programme Manager.

Brefne Jowers

Brefne is currently lead Programme Officer on Shared Purpose and Q.

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The Q community

Q is an initiative connecting people with improvement expertise across the UK.

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