• We are looking for a public affairs agency to support the development of a strategy to influence policy makers and secure meaningful policy change.
  • We anticipate bids up to £90,000 inclusive of VAT 
  • The deadline for responses is 17.00 on Friday 9 September 2022 

We are looking for a public affairs agency for a 12-month contract to support the development of a two-year strategy to influence policy makers and secure meaningful policy change.  

Health Equals is a five-year initiative that aims to develop a bold, cross sector movement to raise awareness of what shapes our health and campaign for actions to improve our health.   

We are looking for a public affairs agency for the first year of the initiative who can deliver on the following objectives:   

  1. To develop the strategy and tactics for reaching political and policy audiences for our headline and spotlight campaigns.
  2. To deliver high quality campaign tactics to political and policy audiences that help achieve our campaign objectives
  3. To ensure Health Equals is aware of relevant political and policy developments, and is able to respond to the opportunities for advocacy and relationship building that these might create 

Health Equals is looking for a public affairs agency to develop our overall strategy for reaching and engaging national, regional, and local politicians and policy influencers across all four nations of the UK. Over the 12-month period the agency will develop a two-year strategy, alongside the Health Equals team, work with us to deliver key tactics, and establish initial relationships with key stakeholders that we can take forward to further our work on health inequalities.  

To support our public affairs work we will require ongoing monitoring and insight gathering of key stakeholders and events. The agency should provide this directly or be prepared to discuss the sourcing of a platform to be able to provide this monitoring service as part of this contract.  

Responses to this invitation should include cost (we expect bids in the region of £70,000 to £90,000), inclusive of expenses and VAT. The provider will be appointed in mid September 2022, to start work as soon after as is possible. It is anticipated that the work will be completed by September 2023 (see a tendering timeline below).  

About Health Equals   

Health Equals’ aim is to develop a campaigning movement that calls on policy makers, sector leaders, the private sector and the general public to recognise the nation’s health as a key asset to society and invest in policies known to create the conditions for healthy lives. Its vision is a society where everyone has the building blocks for good health, wherever they are born, work and live.   

Health Equals plans to influence policy on the wider determinants by placing the weight and expertise of a cross sector collaboration behind public-facing campaigns, with clear messages around the wider determinants, and a concrete and evidence-based policy agenda.   

Health Equals is an emergent initiative, operating within a complex, changing context. Additionally, much of its impact will be achieved indirectly, through the actions of others, as it aims to influence those within and beyond its membership to act on a shared agenda.  

How to apply 

Important: You must read our invitation to tender/project specification in full before submitting an application via email to holly.beattie@health.org.uk and sarah.dew@health.org.uk.

Applications should include a completed project specification response form and budget template.

Please note, where the application form refers to ‘The Health Foundation’, take this to read ‘Health Equals’. 

Key dates



Launch of invitation to tender

19 August 2022 

Deadline for proposals

9 September 2022

Invitation to interview 14 September 2022 


w/c 19 September 2022

Final selection

23 September 2022

Project kick-off

October 2022

Contact us 

If you have any questions about the programme that are not addressed in the invitation to tender, please email holly.beattie@health.org.uk and sarah.dew@health.org.uk

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